upcoming exhibitions

Portrait of a Sculpture


23.03.2019 - 18.05.2019
opening: Saturday, 23 March 2019, 4pm - 7pm (The artist is present)

KRISTINA BERNING develops her sculptures in a work process that remains uncontrolled at significant points, creating unfamiliar forms and connections. The artist examines the spatial dimensions of the material, she hollows it out, saws it in half, combines it anew, puts its stability to the test. Often, she also addresses fundamental questions of sculpture such as the relationship between figure and pedestal or mass and volume.
Berning creates specially conceived presentations for her exhibitions in which space, sculpture and observer interact with each other. In 2018 Berning had a solo presentation at the Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany. As of March 23, Galerie Löhrl will be showing a solo exhibition by the artist.

  • Kristina Berning, Tatoka, 2018, Kupfer, Stahl, Holz, Gips, Lack, Höhe 366 cm