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Takuma Uematsu

In his sculptures, installations and photos, Takuma Uematsu from Japan poses the question of evolution and reincarnation through the mutual interference of all living beings and their environment. For him, the results (e.g. composite creatures) are neither malformations nor final states but a liminality between them and a new life form that is in a constant metamorphosis.


Lives and works in Osaka


born in Osaka


studies at Kansai University


solo exhibition 2001

Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka (also in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2009)

solo exhibition 2003

"Creatures create creatures", Gallery.wks, Osaka

group exhibition 2003

"Party", CAP House, Kobe

solo exhibition 2004

"Ceremony", Contemporary Art Space Osaka CASO, Osaka

group exhibition 2004

"Artcourt Frontier 2004", Art Court Gallery, Osaka

group exhibition 2005

"The 1st Pocheon Asian Art Festival", Pocheon Banwol Art Hall, Pocheon City/Korea
"Iimawashi", Edinburgh Art Festival, Merz Gallery, Scotland
"The Goyang International Sculpture Symposium 2005", Goyang City/Korea
"Osaka Art Kaleidoscope Osaka 05", Osaka Contemporary Art Center

solo exhibition 2006

"Life is a crystal", Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf
"A room of life", ASK?, Tokyo

group exhibition 2006

"Quadriennale 06", Galerie Maier-Hahn, Düsseldorf
"Gold rush", Keumsan Gallery, Heyri/Korea

group exhibition 2007

"Japan Contemporary Art Festival", Heyri Art Valley, Heyri/Korea
"Nikon International Photo Contest 2006-2007", Awarded Works, Nikon Salon Bis, Shinjuku, Osaka
"The Life and Work of the Contemporary Artists", Osaka Zokei Center, Osaka
"Asian Young Artists in Heyri", Heyri Art Valley, Heyri, Korea

solo exhibition 2008

"The forest of coral", hpgrp Gallery Tokyo, Tokyo
"Crystal", Takashimaya Tokyo Art Gallery X, Tokyo

group exhibition 2008/09

"Ancient future", Seoul City Museum, Seoul/Korea

solo exhibition 2009

"At the forest track draw", Gallery M, Aichi

group exhibition 2009

"Kobe Biennale 2009", Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Hyogo
"The forest sings", 2nd Family Project, Asago Art Village Museum, Hyogo
"Arts Challenge 2009, Aichi Arts Center, Aichi
"La musique de l´atelier", Osaka Zokei Center, Osaka

group exhibition 2009/10

"Il dio delle piccole cose", Casa Masaccio Contemporary Art Center, San Giovanni
Valdarno, Italien

solo exhibition 2010

IMPULSE 22, with Fabian Chiquet, IMPULSE GALERIE Christian Löhrl, Mönchengladbach